Today i have added the Head of House job

The heads of house will organise all the houses events and will be in charge.

Ravenclaw: Romulus Ravenclaw

Hufflepuff: orangerichard56

Gryffindor: none yet

Slytherin: bubblegumpop68

Also i am going to add house admins

House admins will be either me or romulus and we will be moderate the house talk pages

The house admins in each house are not neccerserily in that house.

We would be ambassadors from other ones

for example

Me (slytherin and ravenclaw)

Romulus (Gryffindor and hufflepuff) 

Romulus will be tempory head of house for gryffindor until i recruit someone to take up the post.

When we get more members i will add prefects.