This is where sorting takes place.

The Algorithmic Process I Was Talking AboutEdit

'1 Question 1: Do you have any preferences of houses? 1.1 If Answer="Yes" then move onto 1.1.1. 1.2 If Answer="No" then move onto 1.2.1.

1.1.1 Question 2: Which house would you like to be in and why.  If Answer contains more than 0 Characters then User is Sorted into the house that they have decided on.  If Answer has no characters then it must be recompleted. and you must move on to 121

'1.2.1 ' Question 3: What is your blood status? If Answer="Muggle Born" then move onto If Answer="Half Blood" then also move onto If Answer="Pure Blood" then move onto Question 4: Would you say that you are smart, brave, or miscellanious? If answer="Brave" then move onto If Answer="Smart" then move onto If Answer="Miscelllanious" then move onto User is sorted into Gryffindor The user is put into Ravenclaw The user is put into Hufflepuff. 

Question 5: Are you tolerant/supportive to Muggle Borns? If Answer="No" Then move onto If Answer="Yes" Then move onto User is sorted into Slytherin.

Question 4 (from here onwards same process as, and

Section headingEdit

The qustions within the Algorithmic process are quite different to ones in websites such as Pottermore. The reason for this is because i though of keeping it nice and simple (haha, says the one who made the process almost impossible to understand) and straight to the point. Whilst taking the Pottermore quiz I got 78% Ravenclaw (of course) 24% Slytherin (much to Carl's likely displeasure) 67% Hufflepuff and 74% Gryffindor! Phew! That was close. Hopefully you can crack the code to the much simpler (yes, believe it or not, it's simpler) way to get sorted. No "Head or Tails", "Moon or Stars" or other pointless questions. If people are struggling to crack the code (it probably takes a Ravenclaw anyway) then I'll post the solution. Just remember that "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure".